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Fiji Jim - Rolling Stones '78 by jimmcgillis

Rolling Stones Fiji Jim Lyrics: (Jagger/Richards) - I want more fiji gin, but full name is billy dean. Tell him to bring his electric guitar, ’cause a poor boy goin’Insane. Then we’ll duck two bars away, snort an ounce of cocaine. Took myself about 55 jars, 6-pack more a champagne. Ohh baby... I love you...oh my baby. Oh baby I love you. Better watch out for the fiji gin, come-up and spend the day. Come on and bring your wah-wah pedal, then let’s go on stage. Ronnie brought about, 50,000 kids, and then slipped out in the rain. Fell from the beat to the 25th floor, white girls go insane, Eeeh, I love ya...I wanna pounce, all right. Better watch out for the split-side anna, fistford is out for a raid. Call me up and feed to 21st floor, the poor chicks go insane. You bust 2 ribs (!!), you bust 2 arms, his legs is like stumps. In the rain His brain is shred, his nose is bled, but his hands, they sure could play. Better watch out for the curse-i-anna, come on billy dean. Come on bring your electric guitar ’cause these boys are just gonna play. Come on down miss sus-i-anna, Fiji Jim’s gonna rein. Tell him to bring a, wah-wah pedal, boy we’re going insane...

Who is Fiji Jim?

Fiji Jim is a member of KauaiJim.com, a portal for new energy and new ideas in the South Pacific region. This domain is not for sale. To learn more, please Contact Us via email.

In the summer of 2001, Jim McGillis, also known as Moab Jim, Durango Jim and Kauai Jim visited the Fiji Islands for the first time. Quickly falling in love with the Fiji Islands, the people and their easy-going lifestyle, Fiji Jim was born. You can take Jim out of Fiji, but you cannot take the Fiji out of Jim.